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Little Miss Lover   Teddy & the Voodoo Gang ( cover de J.Hendrix) Live au One Way mars 2007
No Way   Teddy & the Voodoo Gang Live au St Antoine Paris 2007
Rocking Train  Teddy & the Voodoo Gang (cover de Joe Perry)
The shadow of your smile Just 4 You Trio
Amor de mis amores Just 4 You Trio
Mas que nada Just 4 You Trio
Ma chérie amor Just 4 You Trio
I wish your love Just 4 You Trio
Saving all my love Just 4 You Trio
Homesick  extrait de l 'album "#13" by Zoran and Friends label: indie    Distribution  "Socadisc"
Boogie Blues   "Live in Studio" By Eddy King Vener Trio
LA GRANGE - BBQ (Live) (ZZ Top tribute)
CHEAP SUNGLASSES (rehearsal) (ZZ Top tribute)
La Grange (Eric Sauviat and Jimmy Montout on a cover of "La Grange", aux Puces de Paris)
Just Got Paid (ZZ Top tribute)
Dust My Broom (ZZ Top tribute)
Highway to Hell (AC/DC cover, Guinness Tavern)
I Can Dream (Skunk Anansie cover, Guinness Tavern)
Sweet Home Chicago (cover, Guinness Tavern)
Guitar Woman (Zoran and Friends)
JAILHOUSE ROCK (Zoran and Friends)
Fred Schneider - Gare Montparnasse (live)
Fred Schneider - Copenhague (live)
Fred Schneider - Les Toilettes des Filles (live)
Fred Schneider - The Wedding's Walz (live)
Fred Schneider - Madmoiselle (live)
Fred Schneider - Jour Après Jour (live)

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